Wayfinding & Signage

What exactly do we do?

  • Inventory + needs analysis
  • Wayfinding studies and advice
  • Interior and exterior signage
  • Master plans
  • Design & layout
  • Production
  • Installation & maintenance


More than signposts

When people can’t find their way around in a building or a public space, it makes them feel uncomfortable and insecure.

Wallrus has a lot of experience in conducting wayfinding studies in many domains. Efficient signage brings people to a destination in an intuitive and sensory way. Always in the simplest and most creative way, both in buildings and in open spaces.

Factors like ease of use, the effects of weather, vandalism and sustainability must always be carefully considered. As a partner, we listen closely and translate your needs into a total concept. From needs analyses, site plans and concept creation to the complete production and installation.

Signposts and direction indicators are always the focus, but Wallrus can always support these with clear maps, plans, instruction signs and brochures, as well as digital solutions to create a uniform whole.

How do we operate?


We analyse the current situation by doing site visits or studying a plan (for new construction projects). We study the traffic flows and the information needs and map them out.


For each project, a creative design is made. Creativity, legibility, contemporary typography and uniformity are very important in this. We never lose sight of uniformity with the house style and the typology of the building or the surroundings.


For every project, we look for the best material or medium. We don’t necessarily start with existing systems, but often develop solutions that meet the specific requirements of the environment.


Our team of installers ensures professional installation with respect for the surroundings and within the agreed terms.

A wayfinding study includes the following:

  • Analysis of employee and visitor traffic
  • study and definition of identifying and decorative panels
  • study and definition of the directional panels
  • study and design of nameplates
  • study and definition of safety signage


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Every day, we help thousands of people to find their way or to show the right information at the right place. In a commercial building, a public space, an amusement park or a museum.

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Graphic & Spacial Design

Graphic & Spacial Design

Every project is based on a well-thought-out design. We design every project with a combination of creativity and daring out-of-the-box thinking and give it the attention it deserves.
Interior & Exterior Signage

Interior & Exterior Signage

Good signage supports the recognisability of a company, site or location. Fa├žade lettering, totems, photo walls, advertising and information signs, floorplans and safety signage.
Production &  Installation

Production & Installation

In our studio, we have an extensive machinery for the production and execution of your project, after which our plasterers will carefully install it at the place of business.