Restyling wayfinding


Restyling in-park signage + way finding

The Walibi amusement parks recently went through a thorough metamorphosis. Wallrus developed all new signage for this, which fit in with the new house style and the rebranding of the 4 parks. Trendy attraction signs, sturdy signposts, comprehensive park plans, clear instruction signs and communication for shops were rethought, designed and created. Sustainability, user-friendliness and adaptability were the basic premises of this study.

At the same time, a wayfinding study was conducted for the 4 different sites to map out and control the traffic flow of the visitors to determine the content of the directional signs.

Everything was put together in a convenient manual and this now serves as the basis for every adaptation or expansion.

#concept #creation #wayfinding #outdoorsign

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“De restyling gebeurde door een internationaal team elk met hun eigen expertise” Serge Naïm, Directeur Général Marketing Compagnie des Alpes

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